Writing is creating magic by words”. Writing is a hobby and a very nice one. As it can also induce long periods of procrastination, obsessive forms of observation, bad sleeping habits and drinking too much coffee (amongst other things), it might not be attractive to every one. One day I hope to say that I finished a novel which has found its way to the (virtual) bookstore. Until that day ….


A collection of short stories, written along my sometimes confronting but more often pleasurable and humorous journey of self-discovery to become an amateur writer.


The Apophenia of Number 42
‘The number 42,’she said.
‘What about it?’ He sighed sinking deeper in his chair noticing he was almost out of beer.
‘I read it on a blog from a writer. It made me think.’
‘Who’s the writer?’
‘Christopher Fielden.’
‘Never heard of.’
‘Not so uncommon, nobody ever heard of me, yet.’
‘So whats with the 42 then?’
‘Its a Douglas Adams thing.’ Read more


The Vine of Life
The wheel of the year turns round and round. It’s a universal process and doesn’t belong to any religion, nor any deity. It belongs to us all, to the Earth itself; the ebb and flow of the cycle of time.

We celebrate it: in anticipation in Spring, abundant in Summer, with fulfilment in Autumn, wistfully in Winter. My mask is a part of me as the wheel turns round and round. Read more


A Game of Chess

The Queen’s Pawn Game and the way the world is going….
‘Although definitions of social class vary and are highly controversial, most are influenced by factors of wealth, occupation and education.’ Julie put down the book she was reading and mused over the word ‘education’. Read more


Two Trees
The sound of a turning key signalled Max finally being home and she closed her book. ‘Hi lovable,’ Jet called.

‘Yo, only here for a sec.’ She heard him dump his case on the floor. ‘Did you call the priest?’

Heavens. Here we go again she thought. ‘No.’ Read more




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